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is grass implemented into the game yet?

when i try to build the brick maker, grass always has no photo and i cant find it anywhere

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Hey! Sorry, grass as a resource isn't fully implemented yet no. It should still technically "work" it just doesn't have a sprite or any way to collect it. I've been very busy with school but I'll try to prioritize that in the next update, thanks!

Although if you would like to experiment with it you can press Ctrl + Tilde (`/~) which will open the console, and then use "cia Grass #" where # is how many you want and it'll add them to all colonists/containers. If you select a specific colonist/container it will add it only to them.

Thank you and good luck with school!

Thanks! :)

Okay I have tried this game before around 6 months ago and it was pretty bad as a lot of things werent functional but now its an entirely different story I haven't had any issues with any of the features in the game. Though a lot of this game is pretty basic as its just one item in some catagories so if you added other items that were either having different functionalities or something like that would be amazing since everything just seems so 'one way'. Another problem I was happening was my framerate dropped very quickly after they had completed building, even for simple buildings but other than that the game is so much better with this (ngl I especially like the caravan system). Can't wait for the next update :) 

Thanks so much for continuing to check out the game! :)

Feedback like this is so great and I really appreciate you taking the time to test the game out a bit. 

I definitely agree, I still want to flesh out a lot of the actual content rather than systems, and I think since I now have a stable base for crafting, building, etc. I can move onto making some deeper crafting trees, more resources, buildings, etc.

Also with the framerate issues, there's definitely some places that need to be optimized, especially when it comes to changing the map (mining, adding/removing objects, etc.). I believe currently if you add a lot of lights it also drops quite considerably because I'm using my own lighting engine before Unity introduced their own 2D lighting engine, so I'll probably look into switching over to that as well (since mine is far from optimized haha).

Again, thanks so much!

Can't wait for the next update tbh since I had a few problems with the game though I will be following the game since I really like it

Thank you so much! It's been hard balancing everything else in life and developing the game but I'm hoping I'll be able to get an update out soonish haha


Hey did you give up on the game? It's been a couple of years since you updated it and I'd love to see this grow!


Hey! I appreciate the interest :)

I haven't given up on it! The current update I've been working on has such a large scope that I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test and release it - while simultaneously doing school and working (in retrospect I should have released more smaller updates rather than try to do one big one, but that's a lesson for the future haha).

Perhaps though over the next few months I'll have more time to work on it given the current world situation :\

Thanks again for the interest!


I'm looking forward to it! Good luck :)


Thanks! :)

Can you add a tutorial? I cant figure out how to assign jobs...

I'd definitely be interested in adding a tutorial in the future but currently because I'm changing so many things relatively often it wouldn't be worth the time to make a tutorial for things that may end up changing in the next update. I can always update the tutorial as things change, it would just take more time. There are some things that will always stay relatively similar so I could look into doing a quick "basics" tutorial that would introduce new players to the game. Ideally I'd have this in the game itself so I'll note it down as a wish list item for one of the next couple of updates.

For the jobs: jobs themselves aren't assigned, you just create the job by placing down something to build or directing them to cut down trees, mine stone, etc. and they will automatically take and complete the jobs. This is done by selecting the job from the bottom-left menus and then clicking or clicking and dragging over the area that you'd like the job to be performed.

I may investigate adding the ability to specifically assign a colonist to do a job if it would be very beneficial for them to do that one, however I've been slowly trying to improve the job distribution algorithm to the point where a colonist would nearly always take the job that is best for them however this is not the case currently.

You can assign colonists professions which will make them prioritize jobs within that profession (e.g. a Miner will heavily prioritize mining jobs) and that is done by clicking on Professions on the top, clicking the + on the profession you want to add the colonist(s) to, and then clicking on the button that appears for that colonist.

I have plans to make more general professions that cover more jobs under their umbrella (so you'd have Labourer, Farmer, etc. instead of separate professions for Mining, Digging, etc.).

There's definitely still a lot of work to be done on the game and especially the job distribution algorithm (as my own playtesting very often has colonists not doing what I'd like them to be doing) and I'm slowly working on the game when I have the time.

Thanks for checking out the game! Sorry for the wall of text haha

Thanks! I was just asking because I placed a splitting stone, selected wood, then no one did anything. Thanks

Oh I see what you mean, yeah that part could definitely be explained a little better. I'm sure you already figured it out but you'd hit the active/inactive button at the bottom of that dialog when you're ready for the guys to start creating that resource provided you have the resources to create it. If it didn't work there might be a bug that I don't know about lol

Thanks! Have a good one!

I sadly think thats a bug since I have had the same problem as it never comes up as a task or anything inside the game when I hit active, though an amazing game I must admit


Thanks I'll note it down and try to get to fixing it! This section of the code is a little janky so it could probably do with a once-over haha

The itchi client tells me it's not available for Windows, even though it clearly is when you download it manually from the website :/

Fixed it! I accidentally didn't select Windows compatibility for the file. Thanks for letting me know!

Sweet been checking every now and then for the update , Thank you for the game  and time to check it out

That's awesome, thanks for following it!

Definitely let me know if you have any issues with it and I'll try to fix them as quickly as I can.

when will the next update be out for snowship

I'm pretty close to releasing the next update. I've been really busy with other stuff lately but I'm hoping to get it out in the next few weeks. Once the next update it out I'm going to try to maintain a relatively regular update schedule. I appreciate you following it!

is there a way at all to get food

Not yet, sorry.

I'll be updating the game within the next few weeks hopefully and I'm planning on either adding the ability to get all of the food or at least temporarily remove the food (and other resources) that you can't get yet to alleviate any confusion while I implement the methods to get those resources.

thanks looking forward to the new update

also when i save the game then exit i cant load the game again

also how do i make bread im pretty sure its with the furnace and wheat but i cant do that for some reason

There's some issues loading the saved games in the currently released version and I apologise for that but it's going to be fixed in the next release.

Also bread isn't implemented just yet but again in the next release all of the resources listed in the game will be able to be made.

This version is just a very early-released version and so I apologise for any issues you find but I can assure you I'm working on making it all work well for the next release and I really appreciate you trying out the game!

how do i use the cotton gin

Sorry its unintuitive, I'm working on making it easier to understand how to create resources among other things.

You have to click on your colony name in the top-right, and then click on the Resources button. On the top-left scroll down to Cloth and click on it, and then increase the value and it will automatically create jobs to keep the amount of cloth at that level by bringing cotton to the cotton gin and creating cloth.


uhh... Hi, great game so far.... Actually I love these type of games. Reminds me of Gnomoria a lot. Oh and 'I want more!!!!!' lol Just kidding. Well, no I'm not kidding about wanting more. But I am kidding on the childish demand. Cannot wait to play.

Hey thanks I really appreciate it!

I haven't updated it in a little while because I've been pretty busy with other things but I'm currently working on the next update and I hope to have a good amount of new features once its ready.

Thanks again!