Snowship 2020.1 Released

Hello everyone!

You've all given some great feedback for Snowship and I know some people were really excited about the coming update, which is amazing!

I've still been working on the game slowly, however school or work must take precedence so I don't always have the time or motivation to work on the game for large chunks of time, however I appreciate that people have still been checking it out over 5 years after I started the project.

I've added a decent amount of features since the 2018.2 update, however a lot of it was focused on stability in the backend. The current build is relatively stable but there's still some missing features, miscellaneous bugs, and performance issues, but I would love if you have a chance to give the game a try and let me know your feedback in the comments so I can improve it for the full 2020.1 update release.

Because this is an experimental build, definitely expect some things to break, but if you let me know what happens and how to reproduce it I'll try my best to get it fixed!

Additionally, if you're interested in seeing the current progress and source code for the game, you can see it on GitHub here:




Snowship 2020.1 34 MB
Nov 06, 2020

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