Snowship 2018.2 Released

I've just released the latest update! Apologies for the couple months since the previous update, things came up and I wasn't able to work on the game. This update is primarily fixes from the previous version.


  • Colonists' health now decreases when Rest need gets too high.
  • Colonists no longer attempt to sleep in an available bed and then end up sleeping on the ground.
  • Needs no longer compete with each other. When a colonist is tending to one need, another need won't interrupt them unless it has a higher priority. (Needs are sorted in the needs list based on their priority (from most to least important)).
  • Colonists can no longer have multiple need-related jobs at the same time. If they are unable to complete a need-related job it will be completely removed rather than returned to the job pool.
  • Beds will no longer say they are occupied when they are not.
  • Jobs in a colonist's profession should be greatly prioritized over others (this might still need some work).
  • Berry Bushes and Apple Trees now have small sprites (for when they are growing).
  • Selected tile coordinates are now visible on the planet map (bottom right corner).
  • Colonists no longer keep resources reserved in containers if their job prematurely changed.
  • Holes will now properly fill with water if adjacent to water in situations where they wouldn't.

Known Bugs To Be Fixed In Next Update:

  • In certain circumstances (when a colonist has a Pickup Resources job, for example), loading the game will cause them to not move to complete their job. The player must move them manually and they will go back to normal.

I currently have a long list of features to add and changes to make. I'll be (hopefully) incrementally adding them over the next while. I'm not aware of too many bugs right now so if you find one definitely let me know! I'm a one-man team so it's difficult to do extensive QA.

Thanks for checking out my game!


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Mar 05, 2018

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